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Accelerate into the future with AI.

Fuel your business with AI-Driven Analytics and AI enhanced innovation.

Better Decisions

Enhance your competitive edge with AI-Driven Analytics and decision intelligence.

  • Harness the power of data-driven insights using our Zunō family of accelerators and expert services.
  • We offer end-to-end solutions – from robust data pipelines, and predictive models to captivating visualizations – propelling your data-driven success.

Better Products

Elevate your products with the infusion of AI capabilities, to outpace competition.

  • Our highly skilled team, with a robust engineering pedigree and AI mastery, helps you rapidly infuse generative AI and predictive modelling capabilities into your product portfolio.
  • We partner with you through the entire process – from ideation and design to development and deployment.

Our Approach

We bring a unique blend of Consulting and Engineering DNA, backed by our deep expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Modern Data Stack, to deliver unrivaled solutions.

Our specialized accelerators and unique approach sets us apart – All centered on boosting your competitive edge.

Discover how our services can drive tangible outcomes for your business

Artificial Intelligence

We partner with you on a journey of pragmatic adoption of AI in your business with our predictive modelling and generative AI solutions. We blend domain expertise with deep knowledge of data science, machine learning, NLP and machine vision to design tailored solutions to propel you into new era of efficiency and growth.

Data and Analytics

We help you leverage your most strategic asset – Data, to amplify your competitive advantage. Empowering you to make data driven decisions at the speed of business, by adopting advanced analytics built on reliable automated data pipelines. We bring deep expertise in the modern data stack to lay a trusted analytics foundation for your business.

Digital Engineering

Our custom software development services accelerate digital transformation, digitizing and automating operations. Agile Delivery provides time-to-market with continuous engineering, ensuring scalability and reliability at every stage of the SDLC.

Zunō – Portfolio of solution accelerators.

We accelerate your speed to value with a swift approach to building and deploying solutions with Zunō.X – a collection of our robust, pre-constructed assets. Crafted to integrate seamlessly with all leading technology stacks across diverse hosting environments, these assets are offered through a flexible consumption model based on specific client needs.

We facilitate rapid innovation by incorporating Zunō’s foundational elements into your product portfolio, demonstrating value quickly and confidently.

Zoom in on Zunō


Zunō.predict: A machine-learning platform that automates every aspect of building predictive models.


Zunō.synth: A generative AI solution that generates synthetic data resembling real-world scenarios.

Zunō.lens: A computer vision platform enabling potent image processing and enhancement solutions.

Zunō.assist: A generative AI framework for enterprises to confidently leverage LLMs for AI use cases.

How we Successfully Transform Businesses

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