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AI – Powered
Customer Success

Revenue Management, Dynamic Coverage, Chatbots, Customer 360, and much more!

How We Help Enterprises Champion Customer Success

ML-Driven Customer Profiling to boost Revenue

  1. Customer retention and churn risk prediction
  2. Cross-sell/Up-sell recommendations
  3. LTV predictions for customer prioritization

AI-Driven Customer Experience Optimization

  1. Conversational bots using generative AI leverage existing knowledge bases to handle L1 issues automatically
  2. Task automation to reduce load on your CX teams

Data-driven Customer 360

  1. Single view of customer across sales, product usage and customer service
  2. Integrations from and to your existing systems
  3. Pay as you go models

Foundational Data Engineering

We helped several of our customers organize their data and make it analysis-ready: data engineering, data pipelines, knowledge base consolidation across different sources such as Email, Salesforce, ZenDesk, Oracle, etc.

AI Advisory

We partner with our customers in their AI journey helping them discover, and prioritize use-cases, making an AI road-map, prototyping solutions, and finally getting the solutions into production.

We built a predictive model for potential risk of customer churn. Through advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, the model identifies patterns, trends, and key indicators signaling potential churn.

The solution empowers businesses to enhance customer satisfaction, optimize resource, and sustain long-term profitability.

Impact: Reduce churn by 100bps

The solution integrated data from multiple sources to present a holistic and unified view of customer activity.

We built custom views separately for Product, Customer Service representatives and Executives.

Impact: Unified view improves decision-making 

We built models that pin-point right customers to focus on for revenue maximization in a 1:1200 setup.

Impact: Exposed models as weekly/monthly dashboards for reps.

We built an analytics model that consolidated existing informal knowledge spread across Email, Evernote, OneDrive into a unified Vector DB as a foundational layer for Bots.

The chatbots can query internal data to generate quick answers to customer queries.

We built an AI copilot to help frontline agents provide real-time support. Advanced AI provides instant insights, suggests responses and helps navigate complex customer queries.

Equips agents with intelligent assistance to optimize performance and customer interactions.


We have developed a centralized Data Warehousing solution to perform comprehensive analysis on the data integrated from multiple resources.

Tableau dashboards provide valuable insights and a unified view of business data.

Impact: Actionable Insights in less than 4 weeks with 95% effort reduction for report creation.

Our Insights

Want to champion customer success using AI?

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