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With the AI landscape maturing everyday, there are a lot of copilots we can think of which can bring in transparency, break down a lot of walls and bureaucratic levels within the organization.

Today, we are going to explore one such copilot which we have developed here in to help you chat with your data, be it your ERP systems or your policy documents. This intelligent copilot takes the call for you where to search for the relevant information.

AI Copilot : Chat with Data

An intelligent copilot should be able to help you with tedious jobs and save a lot of human effort and increase efficiency. For example, you are a procurement officer and want to get information for your current orders. Simultaneously, you may also want to get information for specific procedures to be followed e.g. for onboarding a new vendor or payment terms. Normally, you would maintain the information of current orders in an ERP system while procedures and SOPs are usually stored in the form of documents.

So, how do we create a common copilot which can interface with both these knowledge bases and get you the relevant information?

That’s where the concept of ‘chat with Data’ comes in; structured or unstructured data works seamlessly.

The AI copilot enables switching between multiple knowledge bases while maintaining the context of the thread, and the whole system is smart enough to present different kind of responses in the best way possible – tables, text paragraphs or charts and graphs.


This essentially solves the problem most copilots are trying to address. With this, you cover the whole spectrum of knowledge bases. This can be implemented for various business functions like copilot for procurement, copilot for legal or finance or HR.

Introducing AI Copilot in the business world is significant towards enhancing productivity, creativity, and efficiency. With its capacity to assist business functions across various industries, AI copilot streamlines tasks, accelerates innovation, and reduces margin for error. While it is not a replacement for human expertise, but serves as a valuable assistant, enabling businesses to make better decisions, reduce turn around time, and ultimately achieve a competitive edge in an ever-evolving marketplace. Its role in supporting teams, automating repetitive tasks, and offering real-time insights positions the tool as a crucial asset for companies looking to embrace the benefits of AI in their operations and secure a brighter future in an increasingly data-driven and digital landscape.

This is the Alfred to your Batman, the Jarvis for your Ironman.

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About the author

Dipankar Sonwane writes about technology and business. With a background of working in the tech industry for over 9 years, he brings a unique perspective and unravels the intricate interplay between tech and business landscapes by demystifying the integration of tech with business. Embark on an enlightening adventure with Dipankar to gain a clear understanding of how technology is reshaping the world of business.

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